During the Online Open Day on 22 January you can get to know our programmes and student life at KABK. Here you can find an overview of the times when our study programmes (with students, alumni and teachers) will present themselves.

Next to that, we organise some more specific information sessions on what KABK has to offer; you can get an idea of the academy, the facilities, listen to students and alumni sharing their personal study journeys and get practical information and tips on your application.

About the sessions

During this 45-minute session on MS teams, you'll get a realistic idea of what each programme has to offer.
With: students, department heads, alumni, and faculty sharing their views on topics such as

  • student work, processes, and projects;
  • artistic and design research;
  • courses and teaching methods;
  • portfolio tips

When you attend a live event on MS-Teams, you can ask your questions via chat.

Preparatory courses

14.25-15.10 Orientation Course / Preparatory Year / School for Young Talent*

Bachelor programmes

10.00-10.45 Bachelor Textile & Fashion
10.50-12.00 Bachelor Graphic Design
11.40-12.25 Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design
13.35-14.20 Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design
14.25-15.10 Bachelor ArtScience
15.15-16.30 Bachelor Fine Arts
16.05-16.50 Bachelor Photography

Master programmes

10.00-10.45 Master Non Linear Narrative**
10.50-11.35 Master Industrial Design
11.40-12.25 Master Type and Media
13.35-14.20 Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE)
14.25-15.10 Master ArtScience
15.15-16.30  Master Artistic Research
16.05-16.50 Master Photography & Society


13.35-14.20 PhDArts

* During the session of the preparatory courses there will be a short presentation about the Art Component of the School for Young Talent. Younger students who are interested in the School for Young Talent are invited to join the Open Day of the Royal Conservatoire on 5 February 2022.

** The Master Non Linear Narrative organises an extra program from 12.00-16.00 with a live stream and ‘proxy visits’ (1-on-1 video calls). For the ‘proxy visits’ you will need to register in advance. More information here.

About the KABK - In conversation with alumni:
Meher Khan-Muztar, Hoofd Marketing & Communicatie talks about studying at KABK and invites alumni Seb Koudijzer (alumnus Photography, BA 2021), Sina Dyks (alumna Textile & Fashion, BA 2021) and Narges Mohammadi (alumna Fine Arts, BA 2020) to share their experience at KABK and talks about (artistic) research and the value of a creative work process

Practical information - How to Apply:
In these three sessions (two in English and one in Dutch), our Student Administration and the International Office focus on practical matters and share information and tips on topics such as the application procedure, costs, residence permit, housing, exchange opportunities, diplomas and language requirements.

12.30-13.30 - Livestream

A conversation with students, alumni, staff, and teachers about

  • the possibilities offered within KABK in terms of facilities, studio space and the use of the building
  • the connection and interaction between the study programmes
  • student initiatives
  • the connection with cultural organisations and the city of The Hague.

This session will be broadcasted via YouTube. You can ask your questions via the chat or via pr@kabk.nl

Meet with Lectorate Design + Lectorate Art Theory & Practice for a short introduction about how their activities contribute to education at KABK and how they actively engage students at KABK.
The session consists out of two videos and a panel talk + Q&A with a teacher, KABK student and Leiden University student.


Please note that all times mentioned are in Central European Time Zone (CET)

Open Day 2022 Timetable

All sessions are in English, unless otherwise mentioned.

10.00-10.45: Bachelor Textile & Fashion
10.00-10.45: Master Non Linear Narrative
10.00-10.45: About the KABK & How to Apply

10.50-12.00: Bachelor Graphic Design
10.50-11.35: Master Industrial Design

11.40-12.25: Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design
11.40-12.25: Master Type and Media
11.40-12.25: Research at KABK

12.30-13.30: KABK's Talk Show
12.45-13.30: About the KABK & How to Apply (session in Dutch)

13.35-14.20: Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design
13.35-14.20: Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE)
13.35-14.20: PhDArts

14.25-15.10: Bachelor ArtScience
14.25-15.10: Master ArtScience
14.25-15.10: Preparatory Year, Orientation Course, School for Young Talent

15.15-16.00: Bachelor Fine Arts
15.15-16.00: Master Artistic Research
15.15-16.00: About the KABK & How to Apply

16.05-16.50: Bachelor Photography
16.05-16.50: Master Photography & Society

All times mentioned are in Central European Time Zone (CET)