Six Degrees of Separation - Rotterdamsebaan, Stroom, Archaeology Department The Hague

The Non Linear Narrative master programme kicked off its new collaboration project together with the Rotterdamsebaan, Stroom and the Archaeology Department of The Hague, by visiting the excavation site of the Victory Boogie Woogietunnel at Vlietzone area in February 2019.

Archeological findings rest in the sacred safes of the former bank De Tempel. For this semester project NLN students studied and recontextualised human artefacts of the Rotterdamsebaan excavation site, and connected them to contemporary issues affecting us today.

Students were invited to use the information and data assembled by the municipal Department of Archaeology to create narratives that bridge across time. The goal was to link any of the historical objects in a maximum of six steps to contemporary debates and find matches between archaeological research methods and design- based investigations.

Through this project, students were able to develop their analytic skills and approach design problems conceptually. Critical thinking and careful research when dealing with and structuring information are important qualities that were encouraged during the course. Furthermore, students learned how to handle different types of media and how to manage interdisciplinary questions.

Guest speakers invited to provide lectures were:

Alice Twemlow, design curator, educator and author of Sifting the Trash: A History of Design Criticism. Next to her writing practice, she is new design lector of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK).

Wineke van Muiswinkel, advisor and project manager for artworks in public space at Stroom Den Haag. Combining a radio documentary practice and an interest in art education as mentor at the Master of Film at the AHK in Amsterdam.

Corien Bakker, city archaeologist and head of The Hague Municipal Department of Archeology & Nature and Environment Education, and since 2005 involved in the Rotterdamsebaan project.

Peter Stokkel, city archaeologist of The Hague Municipal Department of Archeology and project manager archeological research Rotterdamsebaan.

The project culminates in an exhibition in November 2019.

Project details


Rotterdamsebaan, Stroom and the Archaeology Department of The Hague



Participating students

Cyan Bae, Giulia Faccin, Cristina Lavosi, Felix Meermann, Claude Nassar, Lila Steinkampf, Mauro Tosarelli, Kert Viiart, Hattie Wade