Health and Liability insurance

Students who come to study in the Netherlands are obliged by the Dutch law to have a Health insurance plan. Students at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) need to also have a Liability insurance.

Health insurance

All students in the Netherlands must be sufficiently insured for healthcare. International students who are privately insured in their own country should bring along a statement (in English) with details about their health insurance program.

Liability insurance

All students at the KABK are required to be insured for any damage caused to school property as well as any damage caused to a third person’s property outside the school (for example, in case you hit a car with your bicycle and cause damage).


Accident insurance is part of the Health insurance program and does not substitute the Liability insurance.
A Travel insurance is not accepted, as it covers neither healthcare expenses (Health Insurance) nor damages to third parties (Liability insurance).

All students (including Dutch students) need to provide both their insurance documents (Health and Liability) after they have been admitted to the KABK.

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