Opening a Dutch bank account

If you want to open a Dutch bank account, you will need:

  • your passport (or national ID card of an EU/EEA country)
  • your address in The Netherlands
  • your student card (or other proof of registration at the KABK).

Most banks will request your Burger Service Nummer (BSN). That is the Citizen Service Number, which is a unique personal number allocated to everyone registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database. You will receive this number automatically after registering at the municipality.
At ABN-AMRO and Bunq you can open an account without a BSN but you will have to supply it within 3 months.

Student bank account

Ask the bank if there are special student accounts and what is needed to open one. If you are not eligible for a student account, you will have to open a regular account, for which you will have to pay a small monthly or quarterly fee.

In most cases, students can book liability insurance at a reduced price within a 'student package' account. Be sure to check the options at your bank.

Banks with branches in The Hague:



You can contact the Student Administration Office via e-mail at