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The Master Industrial Design is a two-year full-time master’s programme that sets out to educate designers who want to redesign industry. Students research and develop projects in which they question and redesign the conventions of the industrial system towards a more diverse, sustainable and meaningful future.

We believe in the discursive and transformative potential of design. Through design research designers can pose questions, search for answers, envision futures, and prototype scenarios. Research is therefore at the center of the Master Industrial Design programme. Aesthetically distinctive and outspoken products and projects are developed based on research that defines the position of the designer in the professional field.

Collaborative projects with partners in and outside the design field form the basis of our programme, allowing students to get involved and connected to urgent and relevant themes and discourses in the design field and the world at large. Through making, sharing, reading, prototyping, listening and writing students shape their own projects and professional position and practice.



Master of Arts


Full-time 2 years

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1 March (priority deadline)
1 May
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English-taught programme
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Programme / CROHO

M Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design / 49114

Why choose the Master Industrial Design

At the Master Industrial Design, we try to imagine what industrial design entails, to look beyond consumer goods; to take in consideration the people involved in industries, the sites of extraction, the factories, the logistic infrastructures that enable the flow of goods into and out of our lives.

Industrial design is a material practice; it is about the relation with and the transformation of materials. But even more so, it is a practice of ideas and narratives, of imagination and world-building. What we design and how we design it makes manifest certain world views.

Master Industrial Design podcast: design journey

Episode #9: Alumnus Morris Bouwman has a conversation with Stefan about his graduation project »Watching the [Grass] Grow«. He shares his experience during the graduation year and how his initial fascination and research got turned into the outcome he showed at the graduation show.

Episode #8: Rosa te Velde, the graduation class of 2023 and Stefan talk about the recent symposium the students had and how this influenced their perspective on working with others, researching and reflecting on their own projects.

Episode #7: Rana Ghavami talks with Stefan Lang about how research is a collaborative practice, the term »kaleidoscopic view« and how a personal perspective is important in the own process.

Episode #6: Krijn Christiaansen talks about his work with Cathelijne Montens in their studio KCCM, teaching and studying industrial design at an art academy, and walking as a research method.

Episode #5: Having a critical view on design and what you are doing is a core aspect of studying at the Master Industrial Design. Maaike Roozenburg talks about how her views on design have shifted throughout her career and what she aims to do at the department at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.

In episode #4 Stefan sits down with Yassine Slihine, a core tutor for design research, to talk about the Master Industrial Design's motto »Redesigning the Industry« and the impact of designers.

image courtesy of Unfold Design Studio

Episode #3 features Dries Verbruggen of Unfold Design Studio. Together with partner Claire Warnier he investigates craft and industrial production and explores the promising realm that lies in between.

Special thanks to Dries Verbruggen and sound technician Rein Wijnja of River Studio.

What bio-based, sustainable alternatives can be found for synthetic textiles? The past semester the enthusiastic first year students of the Master Industrial Design at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague sought to answer this question under the guidance of designer and teacher Lenneke Langenhuisen of design duo Buro Belén.

Buro Belén call themselves 'materializers'. But what do 'materializers' do? We interviewed Lenneke about Beléns design practice and the challenges of working with natural materials and making industry more sustainable.

Design Journey is an initiative of by Zara Roelse and Merel Kamp.

Special thanks to Lenneke Langenhuijsen and sound technician Rein Wijnja of Riverstudio.

In this first Dutch spoken episode of design journey , KABK alumna Lilian van Daal (1988) talks about how she takes inspiration from nature when designing new products. She actively seeks collaborations with both scientists and industrial partners. But what she loves to do most is put ants under her microscope.

Lilian is among the new generation of designers and creators who were supported in 2018 by a Talent Development grant and is featured in the Talent Platform by the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie during the Dutch Design week 2018.

Geïnteresseerd of nieuwsgierig geworden? Lees meer over het programmastructuur en de toelatingseisen van de Master Industrial Design.