About the Lectorate Design

The Lectorate Design, headed by Dr Alice Twemlow, aims to nurture a robust design-centred research culture within the KABK and the channels that connect KABK and Leiden University.

How does design research inhabit the borderlands between disciplinary realms and negotiate the discontinuities between them? What is the frictional or generative potential of such interstitial positioning? Are there particular qualities and capacities of design-specific tools and methods and what do they allow for?

Such questions fuel an ongoing investigation into how the insights that arise from experimental design research inquiries might make a meaningful contribution to practice, to education and to knowledge.

Each year the Lectorate convenes two Research Groups and organises a Design / Research Club, customised faculty research consultations and workshops and student courses. It also disseminates KABK faculty research through various exhibitions, conferences and publications. Launched in September 2017, the Lectorate is centred on a research project titled Design and the Deep Future, which explores the relationship between design and geological time.

About Design and the Deep Future

Design and the Deep Future, the thematic focus of the KABK Lectorate Design, issues from Dr Twemlow’s research into design’s complicity in climate change, design’s complex interrelations with time and the environment and, in particular, the material manifestations and the meanings of design when it is disposed of and becomes trash. The lectorate theme also encompasses investigation into geological time and design, circular economy, dematerialisation of design, repair, non-humans and design, digital detritus, design criticism, speculative and critical design and slow design, among others. Engagement with these and other issues is augmented through research projects, exhibitions, symposia as well as print and online publications.

About Alice Twemlow, Lector Design/ Research Professor

Dr Alice Twemlow is Lector Design/Research Professor at the KABK. She is also an Associate Professor in Leiden University’s Academy of Creative and Performing Arts and helps to supervise PhDArts candidates who specialise in design-related research topics and approaches. Previously, she was the founding director of the Master Design Research, Writing & Criticism at the School of Visual Arts in New York and head of the Design Curating & Writing Master at Design Academy Eindhoven. Twemlow has an international presence as a writer, speaker, educator, juror, examiner, critic, conference director and moderator on all aspects of design culture. She has a PhD in Design History from The Royal College of Art and Victoria & Albert Museum, London, and is the author of Sifting the Trash: A History of Design Criticism (MIT Press, 2017).


For more information, contact lectoratedesign@kabk.nl