Graphic Design students showcase in IABR's 'NOW! Designing in Times of Climate Crisis' exhibition

In response to 'IABR–DOWN TO EARTH: Where can we land?' the Graphic Design (BA) and Non Linear Narrative (MA) departments of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) and the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design (RAvB) have devoted their educational programs to exploring how designers should relate to the climate crisis and what action they can take.

Over the course of last semester, the Royal Earthlings from BA Graphic Design's PlayLab course, have investigated questions around our current global climate crisis through the lens of queer and decolonial theory. Their exploration has resulted in no less than ninety posters and a wide range of individual materialized research projects.

Together with the students of the Rotterdamse Academie van de Bouwkunst (RAvB), their works will be exhibited at 'NOW! Designing in Times of Climate Crisis' for the International Architecture Bienale Rotterdam (IABR).

The PlayLab course is tutored by Roosje Klap and Marthe Prins
Guest tutored by Isshaq AlBarbary and FRAUD (Fran Gallardo & Audrey Samson)

Graphic Design BA, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, 2020

IABR–DOWN TO EARTH asks: Where can we land?

Can we re-settle on planet Earth, as it were, in a sustainable balance with other lifeforms and one with nature? How can we organize our lives and our living environment in such a way that the future is sustainable? How do we deal with the shortcomings of "modernity as a project"? What values should we embrace and what should we say goodbye to?

For this is now inevitably our new challenge, politically, socially and culturally, we have to redefine all of our actions as that which takes us back to earth.

Graphic Design BA, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, 2020

NOW! DESIGNING IN TIMES OF CLIMATE CRISIS is the upshot of the collaboration between IABR and the two Academies within the framework of DOWN TO EARTH, and is curated, designed and produced by students and staff of the KABK and RAvB.

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