Bronze prize for Type Media alumnus Alessio D'Ellena in the European Design Awards

9 mei 2017

Alessio D'Ellena received the Bronze award for his typeface Laica in the European Design Awards 2017, in the category Original Typeface.

The name “Laica” is the Italian translation for “Laic”. Laica is a slightly conflicting type family, with a lot of hidden details, often not completely compatible.

The initial idea for Laica was to design a typeface for a running text covering the specific range-size of 9—12 pt. In order to obtain a certain rhythm on the page and a kind of personality in the curves, Laica is based on the misrelation between two common tools (broad and pointed nib) used to practice and sketch letterforms, balancing the curves between these two different approaches: a patchwork of shapes with the tradition of calligraphy as starting point but with a contemporary and fresh appeal.

Trying to place the right black spots free from any strict, philological approach, mixing two souls in one unique type family. Laica tries to be balanced even with some oddness, constantly in between sobriety and excess, to cover the purposes of editorial needs and usage.

Allessio D'Ellena graduated in 2016 at the Master Type and Media programme of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.