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Listening: A Research Method in Art and Design—the book

The 240-page publication is designed by Niels Schrader and edited by Alice Twemlow.

List of contributors:
Jack Bardwell, spatial artist, designer, radiomaker, KABK alum
Justin Bennett, audiovisual artist, KC Institute of Sonology tutor
Elena Biserna, curator, researcher, KABK Research Club guest speaker
Channa Boon, artist, KABK tutor
Louis Braddock Clarke, artist, researcher, KABK alum and tutor
Pam Breedveld, interactive media artist, KABK alum
Femke Dekker, sound practitioner, KABK tutor
Benjamin Earl, designer, media artist, KABK alum and tutor
Cocky Eek, spatial artist, designer, KABK tutor
Cecilie Fang, artist, writer, KABK alum
Martin Hurych, artist, curator, KC research associate
Christine Hvidt, artist, KABK-KC alum
Carl Johan Högberg, artist KABK department co-head
Lance Laoyan, sound artist, designer, KABK alum
Guy Livingston, pianist, radiomaker, KC alum and PhD candidate
Myles Merckel, art-science practitioner, KABK-KC alum
Sandipan Nath, industrial designer, KABK alum
Angelina Nonaj, artist, KABK alum
Gabriel Paiuk, composer, sound artist, DocArtes alum and KC tutor
Dora Ramljak, photographer, KABK alum
Ege Şahin, composer, sound artist, KC student
Mo’min Swaitat, actor, music producer, KABK Research Club guest speaker
Christian Schwarz, data sonifier, composer, critical engineer, KABK-KC alum
Salomé Voegelin, sound theorist, professor, KABK Research Club guest speaker

The aim of listening is not to know definitively, but to engage through doubt in a temporary and sensorial knowing.
Salomé Voegelin, artist and writer

A Listening Library for the KABK Department of Sounding—the exhibit

Curated by Femke Dekker and designed by Bianca Meilof, the exhibit is located in the Kabinets in the KABK Fashion & Textiles corridor.

Responding to the increasing interest in the sonic among practitioners of art and design, this exhibition proposes a new department at the KABK. A transdisciplinary programme that centres sounding and listening as core materials, methods, and modes of engagement in the education of a creative practitioner.

The Listening Library is organised around a playlist of sonic artifacts and excerpts derived from essential theoretical texts, tracks, compilations, listening exercises, field recordings, and broadcasts.

Each audio file on the playlist relates to a physical object displayed in the library and the exhibition visitor is invited to enjoy the resonance created between the acts of listening and looking. The objects include: albums, books, cassettes, sound recording and listening devices, DJ and radio equipment and ephemera. The playlist addresses topics including: subversive sonology, podcast politics, bootleg broadcasting, noise therapy, field recording, surveillance audiology, sonic activism and hyper-graphic notation, to name only a few!

As it evolves, the Listening Library hopes to accrue more objects, audio files, curricula and assignments, and will be complemented by a finessage event organised by students who participated in the Department of Sounding IST.

Listening is a move from the [...] will of domination, of the sovereign “I”, to the capacity of receiving difference, of becoming capacious’.
Rolando Vázquez, decoloniality scholar

Listening: A Research Method in Art & Design—the video

A video interview with Femke Dekker, produced by KABK Design Lectorate, was released during 2023.

Design Lector Alice Twemlow visited Femke Dekker at Murmur in Amsterdam, a listening bar which offers a platform and space for sound practitioners and sonic enthusiasts to come together to listen to sound, noise and music.

We wanted to learn about the role of listening and the sonic in Femke's research and teaching. Punctuated by sonic samples from Femke's vinyl collection, the conversation touched on topics such as different ways of listening, embodiment of sound, how to teach listening and the appreciation of the sonic as a discipline in art education.

Video interview credits:

Femke Dekker, tutor, KABK Interior Architecture & Furniture Design in conversation with Alice Twemlow, KABK Design Lector

Art Direction: Niels Schrader
Director of Photography: Roel Backaert
Camera and Editing: Yannick van de Graaf
Music: Laura Dilettante
Production: Martha Jager
Location: Murmur Amsterdam

Video interview sonic samples:

Loma Doom
Meditation For The Damned
Jacki Apple
The Garden Planet Revisited
Tamia & Pierre Favre
Mit Sang und Klang
Black Merlin
Slumberland & Sainkho Namtchylak
Dolls Toys
Pablo Diserens
Ice Growlers Melting Underwater (Svinafellsjökull Glacier)