You are invited to join the artist-researcher Nikos Doulos and KABK Lectorate Design for an evening of Dark Wandering with Dark Matters author Nick Dunn, performance artist Susanna Hast, and artist, diarist and researcher Benny Nemer (sonic contribution).

Wednesday, June 23, 19:00 - 21:30
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The KABK Lectorate Design has already considered some of the many facets of walking as a research method in art and design. Through interviews, education, publishing, exhibitions, and events, we are interested in addressing the relationship between walking and other tools and tactics such as writing, mapping, image-making, archiving, sensing, speculating, listening, and place-making, and between walking and issues and themes such as rhythm, public space, climate crisis, the Anthropocene, and slowness.

We continue our exploration of walking as a research method, this time in relation to darkness, both as (im)material condition and a symbolic space of unknowability and enchantment but also insecurity and exclusion.

To help us, we invited artist and researcher Nikos Doulos to co-curate and moderate this online event. Using his own practice of nightwalking as a point of departure, Doulos will introduce a panel of speakers to share their perspectives on the relational and multisensory capacities of walking with, and in, darkness, and how wandering (nocturnal and otherwise) might help us connect to other bodies and non-human entities.

Among other topics, speakers will discuss walking as a method and an artistic practice interlaced with modes of autoethnographic research and storytelling, as well as how new combinations of walking and darkness might prompt other possibilities of socialisation, and other processes of deterritorialization and reterritorialization.

We hope to see you there!

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