And the winner is...Leonie Schneider

Bachelor Fine Arts

Leonie Schneider, Winner Stroom Den Haag Encouragement Award 2018
Leonie Schneider, photo Katarina Juričić
“This artist convinced with a very physical and oppressive space that draws the visitor in a politically charged atmosphere. In this universe, occupied by figures with masks, the viewer senses that something is wrong, but this is not being made specific. The estranging atmosphere invites the spectator to further explore the space but it also keeps him an outsider, which reinforces the indefinable sense of uneasiness.”
Jury Stroom Den Haag Encouragement Award

Every year, the presentation of the Stroom Den Haag Encouragement Award for Royal Academy of Art graduates is eagerly awaited. Partly due to the substantial prize money involved, but naturally also in light of the recognition and incentive this award offers in the further development of the graduate’s artistic practice.

The prize consists of € 2.500,- and is awarded to a graduate of the Bachelor programmes.


Silvia Bakker (kunstenaar, oprichter twelve twelve)
Manon Bovenkerk (kunstenaar, oprichter near/by film, tevens commissielid PRO subsidies Stroom)
Valentijn Byvanck (criticus, curator, directeur Marres)