Each year, the heads of all courses jointly select the best graduation works to be nominated for the Academy's Master Award. In addition to the enormous honour, the winner also receives € 1.500,-.

Thanks to: Stichting tot Steun.

And the winner is...Koenraad de Groot

Master ArtScience

Koenraad de Groot, winner Royal Academy Masters Award
Koenraad de Groot, photo Katarina Juričić
“The winner of this year’s masterprize has a background in creating digital music. Within the seemingly endless possibilities of various software interfaces he worked with, he especially experienced the limitations of the non-tactile digital environment. As a reaction to that, he created a graduation project that consists of a sculpture that is both composition and instrument at the same time. In the spatial performance that he has choreographed for this kinetic sculptural instrument, he captures his audience in an intense experience that contemplates the materiality of sound.”
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