Each year, the heads of all courses jointly select the best graduation works to be nominated for the Academy's Bachelor Award. In addition to the enormous honour, the winner also receives € 1.500,-.

Thanks to: Stichting tot Steun.

And the winner is...Janne Schipper

Bachelor Fine Arts

Janne Schipper, Winner Academy Bachelors Award
Janne Schipper, photo Katarina Juričić
„I want to handle things, that are bigger than me“ says Janne Schipper. With this, Janne proves to be part of a generation of artists and designers which has an affinity for science. They aim for knowledge; not personal experience, but comprehensible, accessible knowledge for everyone. Scientists have always done that by asking questions and by building arguments. Now artists and designers do the same. But they are not afraid to strengthen their arguments through intuition, aesthetics and visual competency. Science has become our closest relative, rather than craft or entertainment. The poetry of Janne’s work is deeply related to her look at the world, an open yet complex view. Janne has chosen the tower of the academy building on the Prinsessegracht for her final project, transforming it into a mysterious bell tower. It creates an expectation which is rewarded with a moment of contemplation and lustful curiosity, rather than a spectacle. “
Klaus Jung, head Fine Arts department