Each department nominates their best students. The winner from each department receives € 500,-.

And the winners are...

Winner: Greta Desirée Facchinato

A one by one performance, where the costume of the performer is reconsidered as a hidden stage.
The space of the costume-stage invites the audience and the performer to come closer, to reach for a hug, to meet, even though still distant.”

Winner: Koenraad de Groot

“At first glance, this work shows a large intriguing installation built from different forms of common paper — newspapers, toilet rolls or large boxes. But when this installation turns into a live performance, the hidden sonic qualities of all these paper forms bring the audience a mesmerising, well-balanced and surprising composition. This project of 'physical aggregate synthesis' will make you look at sound and listen to paper in a way you never did before.”

Winner: Goda Verikaitė

This year’s winner succeeded to stretch interior architecture to the max.
Based on the social utopian book bolo'bolo, she completely redesigned her home country Lithuania starting from opening up the Soviet style housing areas for experimental living.

Winner: Lisa Huang

“Model: an exercise in restraint (Latin and Chinese) forms that casually questions contemporary views on type design.”