Each department nominates their best students. The winner from each department receives € 500,-.

And the winners are...

Winner: June Yu

This work is about contemplation, physical experience and extensive cultural research at the same time. Ancient Chinese mythology is laid out in a personal tour that soothes you on an aesthetical and nearly Zen-like level. Learn about the role of the fox in the creation of the world. Learn something about yourself at the same time. Know that this knowledge is disappearing fast. We might be the last generation to appreciate.

Winner: Janne Schipper

“In the preparation for her thesis and her final project this graduate „overheard“ scientists talking about the basic frequency of the world, of our globe. She wanted to learn more and found out that it is in constant motion and swings with an extreme low frequency. “

Honourable mention: Tina Jeranko

Winner: Taisiia Reshetnik

A compelling forensic analysis about the most complicated railwaystation in the Netherlands: Hoog Catherijne, where privatisation and securitisation of public spaces change are changed, where the entrance is not by right, but by permission and where every individual is treated as a customer as well as otential criminal. Based on the historical research of this particular non-place, where its new security measures are being used to find the undesirables among us.

Winner: Joel Hunn

Because of the high quality of his photography and the thoughtful way in which he uses it to question a relevant societal theme in a clever and light humorous way,

Honourable mention: Daniël Siegersma

Winner: Natalia Papaeva

“Yokhor, Performance, 2018” affects the audience on a profound level, reverberating beyond the screen. The two lines of the Buryat traditional song has entered into our DNA and we too feel pain at the loss of a language and an identity. The refrain rendered with so much intention and urgency will preserve those endangered words, now encapsulated with your performance. “

Winner: Kornelija Chaleckyte

’Irregular Wall’ is a project that analyses the boundary between technology and craft. It investigates the most regular and unchanging building element - a brick.“

Honourable mention: Luuk Wezenberg

Winner: Joana Schneider

“Her installation is radical and she has impressed us by the combination of the sustainable use of materials and her strong aesthetic power of expression.”