Boudewijn Buitenhek

3D Lab Instructor

Boudewijn Buitenhek (1995) Is a (speculative) product designer/ researcher and is part of the team of workshop instructors in the 3D printing lab at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

Boudewijn graduated in 2018 from the Industrial Product Design program at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) and received his Master from the Industrial Design program at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in 2022. His work has been exhibited in Het Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam), Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven) and during the 2022 Solar Biennale (Rotterdam).

His current design and research work is focussed around topics of renewable energy sources and changing energy consumption. Embodying intangible concepts through exploration of the relationships we hold to the energy that powers our life. By developing tools and hacking the home environment, Boudewijn aims to strengthen the ability to connect to energy in a more embodied manner, to aid in the exploration and reconfiguration of deeply rooted energy habits

Boudewijn is member of Lectorate Design's Deep Futures Research Group 23-24.