Agata Jaworska

Interactive Media Design

Agata Jaworska teaches at the Bachelor Graphic Design programme of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

Agata Jaworska (1979, Wrocław, Poland) creates curatorial projects that bring together design, popular culture and politics. Her exhibitions reflect upon current events in society, focusing on how design is shaped by various agents of the state and the market. With Giovanni Innella she curated The Life Fair, an exhibition that sees the body as a battlefield (The New Institute, Rotterdam). Also with Innella and in partnership with Bureau Europa she curated Domestic Affairs, a travelling exhibition which sees the house as an interface to our social, economic and political lives (Cologne, Shenzhen, Doha).

Agata also uses curation as a form of inquiry into artistic and design practices. For the Creative Funds NL she developed In No Particular Order, the public presentation of the talent development program from 2014–16. Together with Saskia van Stein she curated My Practice, My Politics, a presentation of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (Milan, and at Stroom, The Hague). Since 2013 she has curated the graduation events of the Design Department of the Sandberg Institute, which have resulted in installations in various spaces ranging from galleries to former corporate spaces and nightclubs.

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