Koenraad de Groot

Koenraad de Groot (NL) graduated from the Master ArtScience programme of the ArtScience Interfaculty [Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) + Royal Conservatoire (KC)] in 2018.

Winner Heden Start Award 2018
Winner Academy Masters' Award
Winner Master Art Science Department Award

Graduation project 2018

Streep #1

‘Streep #1’ is an iteration in my continuous research on the physicalization of computer music. For this work I draw from the concept of the ‘DAW’ (Digital Audio Workstation), the go-to tool for many electronic composers. Within the ‘DAW’, audio is represented by blocks that are put onto a timeline. When played, a vertical line swipes trough the composition and one can anticipate on what is about to come. ‘Streep#1’ features paper as object, water as actuator and dripping as method. The appliance of water on paper is chosen to emphasize the transiency native to the physical realm.