At the KABK it is considered essential that the artistic and discursive outcomes of research by students and staff are shared and brought into the public domain. The KABK community contributes to the discourse on research in various ways. Firstly, it disseminates the results of research in the form of artistic output such as exhibitions, performances, installations, artists’ books, and design projects.

Secondly, it uses lectures, conferences and symposia to present and discuss critical thinking about research in art and design. Future events are announced in the ‘Agenda’ section. For an overview of selected (past) activities and events you can also browse the ‘News’ section and the list of lectures and symposia initiated by the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice. In addition, lectors, tutors, students, PhD candidates and alumni publish aspects of their research. The overview of publishing output below does not aim to be exhaustive but to demonstrate the range and focus of research conducted at the KABK.

A selection of titles

Selection of winners BA Thesis Award

Thesis Award - Lectorate Art Theory & Practice (KTP): awarded theses by bachelor and master graduates

Thesis portal BA Graphic Design: Theses by Graphic Design students 2015-16

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