MID collaboration with Brightlands Chemelot Campus

In the second semester (2018-2019) the Master Industrial Design collaborates with Brightlands Chemelot Campus a 'creative breeding ground for innovation in smart materials and sustainable manufacturing'. The Chemelot Campus, located at the Royal DSM site, offers high tech and state of the art machinery, technical know-how and academic expertise all in one place.

Within the context of this project collaboration, students of the Master Industrial Design dive into the possibilities and (societal) implications of digital manufacturing. The techniques and new materials are there, or being developed by parties such as Brightlands, but meaningful and societally beneficial implementations often lag behind.

'The scientist and technicians at Brightlands develop new techniques and materials and look at this process solely from the scientific or technological angle. Our students expertise is complementary to their expertise. Where Brightlands asks 'what' and 'how' our students ask 'why'. As designers and creatives they can think about and design both meaningful and useful implementations of new materials and technologies.'
Maaike Roozenburg, head of the Master Industrial Design

The project collaboration was concluded with a presentation of students' projects, ranging from urban micro-factories to bricks collecting data on biodiversity to a design that questions our faith in algorithms on the 25th of June 2019 at Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

Participating students

Elina Alekseeva, Alessandro Celli, Marion Dupuis, Teresa Feldmann, Elena Genesio, Sandipan Nath, Honor Newman, Lucija Novosel, Isabella Monaco, Kevin Shek.