2nd semester 2020-2021

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Stichting Advisering Bestuursrechtspraak voor Milieu en Ruimtelijke Ordening, in short and hereafter: STAB (the Foundation of Independent Court Experts in Environmental and Planning Law), 11 students from the Photography & Society master's programme, have been collaborating with STAB on ways of visualising the work of this legal advisory body that conducts research into environmental issues for the Dutch Council of State.

As a thematic suggestion, they were given the concept of 'versus', freely translated; 'opposite' / 'against each other' ; a clear reference to the field of work and the position of STAB. Inspired by their work, the students created eleven unique stories investigating contemporary environmental, social and personal issues of coexistence.

MAPS students were guided through this project by teachers Donald Weber, Rabiaâ Benlahbib and Oliver Chanarin.

"As image makers our shared experience is constantly contested by different interests and ideas; about what's important, how the world works, where to go next. To live together in a durable way requires looking beyond binaries, and imagination beyond the self and the other. What can we learn if we take a step back, pause, and listen?"
Students Master Photography & Society

The results of the students' work are presented as a collective gathering of perspectives under the project-website 'You are almost welcome".

If you are curious about their visions and questions on coexistence we invite you to have a deeper look and get the whole picture.

MAPS x STAB: Rafael Roncato
The wireless anatomy of man © Rafael Roncato
MAPS x STAB - Petra Kroon
Listen to the future © Petra Kroon
MAPS x STAB - Laura Palau
Help yourself © Laura Palau
MAPS x STAB - Patricia Kühfuss
The matter of fact © Patricia Kühfuss
MAPS x STAB - João Viegas
The Act of Gathering for Supper © João Viegas
MAPS x STAB - Will Boase
The Weight of the World © Will Boase
MAPS x STAB - Emilia Martin
Far from here where darkness lies © Emilia Martin
MAPS x STAB - Dafni Melidou
The fossils, the ashes, and other remains of existence © Dafni Melidou
MAPS x STAB - Benedikte Bergh Iversen
The Ocean, The Horizon © Benedikte Bergh Iversen
MAPS x STAB - Sophie Allerding
Waterland © Sophie Allerding
MAPS x STAB - Vera Yijun Zhou
Nice meating you © Vera Yijun Zhou

Participating Master Photography & Society students:

Sophie Allerding, Will Boase, Benedikte Iverson,Petra Kroon, Patricia Kühfuß, Emilia Martin, Dafni Melidou, Laura Palau Barreda, Rafael Roncato, João Viegas and Vera Yijun Zhou.