Courses & ECTS credits 2019-2020

The Master programme TypeMedia amounts to 60 ECTS and lasts one academic year.

Form studies - Erik van Blokland4
Contrast research - Peter Verheul4
Revival research - Paul van der Laan4
Letter carving - Fransje Berserik3
Type & Language - Peter Bil'ak (3 lessons in Sem 2)3
Design theory - Petr van Blokland 3
Coding - Just van Rossum3
Excursions - Jan Willem Stas and others3
Workshop Writing Systems3
Total EC's per semester30
Tutoring - Erik van Blokland4
Tutoring - Peter Verheul4
Tutoring - Paul van der Laan4
Tutoring - Just van Rossum1
Tutoring - Fred Smeijers1
Tutoring - various guest tutors 4
Excursions - Jan Willem Stas and others1
Final Project, Process, Exhibition, Exam9
Final Project, Handing in materials1
Total EC's per semester30