Programme structure

In the first year, students have the possibility to indulge themselves in design, technology, philosophy and media theory courses, and learn practical skills in computer programming, film editing, 3D-modeling, AI and virtual reality.

During the second and last year, students' workload is devoted to writing a thesis and to a (public) exhibition of their work.

Key objective of the Master Non Linear Narrative programme is to educate critical thinkers, who master new technologies in order to tell meaningful narratives addressing the world’s social, economic and environmental challenges.

Courses & ECTS credits 2023-2024

The study programme amounts to 120 ECTS and lasts two academic years.

CoursesSem 1Sem 2
Critical Storytelling33
Image Language33
Investigative Field Lab33
Information Design33
Documentary Film-6
Material Lab-5
Tech Week1-
Media Theory33
Thesis Pressure Cooker-1
Total study points per semester3030
CoursesSem 3Sem 4
Individual Study Project 19-
Individual Study Project 29-
NLN Presentation11
Professional Practice Skills2-
Tech Week1-
Final Exam Project-26
Graduation Show Preparations-3
Total study points per semester3030

OER 2022-2023

Education and Examination Regulations

You can find information about the regulations and provisions dealing with the organisation of the programme and the assessments and examinations related to it in the Education and Examination Regulations (in Dutch: Onderwijs- en examenregeling; OER)