After graduation

'Now What?'

Listen to our podcast 'Now What?' in which our Photography student Kim Casamitjana Spennhoff interviews KABK-alums about what they have experienced after the KABK and what they apply from their studies in practice!

Professional Perspective

As a Photography & Society graduate, your strength lies in the capacity to understand complex social themes, helping to create a world shared by strangers regarding the general welfare. You can determine your own positioning, bring ownership, and find effective photographic forms and operate within complex settings.

You may enter multiple fields, such as autonomous art practitioners, documentarians, visual researchers, curators, and activists, all creating work that is visually exciting and intellectually compelling, ready for work in any sector where photography and society intersect.

Graduates Master Photography & Society

Overview of MA Photography & Society graduates at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

Graduation projects 2023

Arianna Cavalensi
Beatrice Cera
Daniel Chatard
Bo He
Sumi Khatun
Lea Novi
Diego Reindel
Jonathan Tang
Ben Yau
Alexey Yurenev
Charmaine de Heij

Graduation projects 2021

Chris Becher
Anders Birger
Atle Blekastad
Jakob Ganslmeier
Kata Geibl
Thana Faroq
Lena Holzer
Federica Iozzo
Marta Iwanek
Batuhan Keskiner
Jana Romanova
Alexa Vachon

Graduation projects 2020

Alexander Cabeza Trigg
Gita Cooper-Van Ingen
Walter Costa
Guglielmo Giomi
Mads Jensen
Mari Kolcheva
Dmitry Kostyukov
Ornella Minolfi Esquivel
Ana Nuñez Rodriguez
Olga Roszkowska
Shadman Shahid
Thijs Stigt
Asya van Zhetvina