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The Master of Interior Architecture at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague offers a two-year professional education that strives to explore the field of spatial design in its broadest sense by reimagining the role of the practicing designer with concerns about a society in transition.

The World is Interior  

The progamme is entitled INSIDE as a metaphor for the broader position we envision for the professional practice of the interior architect. Slowly but surely this role is expanding beyond the physical interior and proves to be relevant in the most diverse places where people live, meet and where communities emerge.

Whether those spaces are actually interiors or even purely physical, is of much less importance than how future designers contribute as mediators of spatial inclusion towards a more socially-just society.  

INSIDE magazine

Each year the department publishes an edition of the INSIDE magazine showcasing graduation projects, interviews and results of studios and workshops.

INSIDE magazine is presented in a website format starting with the #12 edition. You can read previous print versions in a pdf format online.





2 years full-time

Study load

Start date


Department Head

Hans Venhuizen

Application deadlines


English-taught programme
(English level required)

Programme / CROHO

M Interior Architecture / 49238

Why choose the Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE)

  • You want to explore the world of spatial design. Both from the perspective of the designer and the user.
  • You not only want to learn from your tutors but also from your fellow students.
  • You want to explore various spatial design cultures.
  • You want to position yourself in the broad landscape of spatial design and identify your own fascinations and values, and reason on the impact on the built environment.

Are you a good fit for this master?

Then the following most likely applies to you:

  • You have a curious and investigative attitude.
  • You are more interested in the social and creative context of spatial design than in its polytechnical side.
  • You want to question market-oriented logics and advocate the underlying (non)human, social and cultural phenomena in a world more diverse than before.
  • You want to be part of a group of young designers and enjoy working together.
  • You’re a socially engaged person and excited to work on social and cultural challenges.

In the video below, students, teachers and the head of the department tell you more about the Master Interior Architecture programme:

Interested ? Read more about the programme structure and admission requirements of the Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE)