Study profile Master Artistic Research

The Master Artistic Research offers intensive study for highly motivated artists interested in research as an artistic approach driven by experiment and curiosity in tandem with reflection and analysis. Successful applicants will enter the programme with an existing practice, and a stated artistic research plan.

Your creative work will form the core of your study. We will help you explore your research plans, understand new concepts, inputs, and methods, and open up the ways your artistic products come into being. You will develop a heightened ability to engage with artistic complexity, and you will graduate with an enriched understanding of what you do, and an increased ability to further develop and maintain an autonomous researching practice.




Full-time 2 years

Department Head

Janice McNab


Master of Arts in Fine Art & Design




Professional perspective

The Master Artistic Research provides an artistic education, and most of our graduates go on to be practicing artists. A number have won prizes in their respective fields, or gone on to receive commissions, residencies, and other opportunities to further their research. Our program also offers interested students a sound basis from which to go on to study for a practice based PhD, and to participate in post-academic research institutes. After some time in the field, some alumni have also become tutors in art schools themselves.

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