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At KABK we see photography as a wide-ranging practice with endless possibilities for both ‘image-making’ and ‘meaning-making’.

Within this broad area of practice and over the course of the 4-year study at the Photography department of KABK, we gradually help you position yourself in whichever part of the photography spectrum you truly feel you belong - from political activism to fine art, from classic documentary to AI. Yet, an ‘image’, a ‘photograph’ —always remains a crucial starting point for us.

A big emphasis in the study is placed on process and research, encouraging you to make informed choices not only about what and how you want to create, but also why.

Lastly, as a highly international institution, we at KABK discuss geographies of practices, and appreciate the intersectional background of each student. Therefore, the Photography department places an important emphasis on a peer-group learning setting, where the diversity of cultures creates a safe space for both individual growth and building a community of care.

Are you a good fit for the BA Photography?

Both our full-time and part-time Photography programmes are for those, who are curious about the critical responsibility artists have towards the social and political challenges of our time, and who in turn are willing to challenge themselves to address these through innovative ways in their practice.

Full-time and Part-time programmes

The educational structure of our Bachelor Photography programme, allows us to offer the part-time variant also in four years. The content of the part-time Photography study (pt) is comparable to the full-time (ft), but with a different organisational structure. Study load and intensity are comparable as well as the level of graduation.

Part-time classes take place two days a week. At the beginning of each year, you receive a year planner giving insights in all additional dates for workshops and such that you’ll need to block. Some classes are combined with full-time classes. There are one or two project or workshop weeks per year. The part-time course has fewer classes and requires more self-study than the full-time variant.



Bachelor of Arts


Full-time 4 years
Part-time 4 years

Study load

Start date

End of August

Department Heads

Lotte Sprengers
John Fleetwood

Application deadline


English-taught programme
(English level required)

Programme / CROHO

B Design / 39111