The committee’s remit is to advise on the promotion and safeguarding of the quality of the programme. The Higher Education and Scientific Research Act (The Act) states that the study programme committee has the following tasks:

  • to issue advice on the Education and Examination Regulations and to consent to the parts of the Education and Examination Regulations regarding which the faculty council has no right to consent, before the faculty director finalizes the regulations;
  • to make an annual assessment of the application of the Education and Examination Regulations;
  • to provide solicited and unsolicited advice about all other matters pertaining to the education.

The statutes of the Study Programme Committees of the University of the Arts The Hague can be found on the HdK website.

Study Programme Committee KABK
Reba Wesdorp, secretary
Martijn Verhoeven (chair), teacher
Stefano Zucchini (vice chair), student
Lucy Engelman, student
Carolina Pinto, student
Anne Hoogewoning, teacher
Gerrit Uittenbogaard, teacher