With EveryonePrint you will be able to print from your personal laptop to a KABK printer. You need to be connected to the KABK-Student WIFI.

Read the following instructions or go directly to https://print.kabk.nl to start printing!


  • Log in using your KABK student number and password.
  • Prints will be charged to your account balance.
  • Use the Print Release Station near the printer to pay and release your prints.


Printing black and white costs €0.05 per page A4 and €0.10 per page on A3.

Printing in color costs €0.15 per page A4 and €0.30 per page on A3.

Step 1: Obtain the latest Mac drivers for the printer

Download and install the following print driver(s) of the printer you want to use:

  • Computer workshop Color (Xerox EX-i-80 Press) - Download

Once downloaded click on the driver package and follow the wizard to install the driver.

Step 2: Log into EveryonePrint to obtain the correct settings

  • Go to print.kabk.nl
  • Log in with your student number and password.
  • Select the Driver Print tab Select the 'Advanced' option. Select the appropriate printer.
  • Select the Mac OS or Windows option from the bottom of that page and follow the instructions.
  • Ensure you select the correct driver as shown in the instructions.