How to search the online library catalogue

The online catalogue contains almost the complete collection of the library. All records of books, magazines, DVDs and CD-ROMs have keywords, making them accessible in different ways.

In the online catalogue there are interesting articles from journals (from 2006 till now) to which the KABK subscribed. Magazine articles prior to 2006 can be found in the Card Catalogue in the Library.

At the beginning of each school-year there will be introductory classes 'library use' for first-year students and interested students from higher years of study. Special attention is given to the use of the automatized catalogue.

The catalogue can be searched using two search methods: “Index search” and “Basic search” (see tabs).

"Index search" searches via alphabetical lists. In a next step, the titles associated with them will be displayed.

The “Basic search” directly leads to a list of titles. This can be a disadvantage if you carry out an extensive search as it provides a list of titles which may include irrelevant results.

The search method “Index search” is more effective because it is less biased.

Only students and staff of the University of the Arts, The Hague (Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatory) are allowed to borrow books. They need to show their student or staff card at the library.

The library does not participate in the Interlibrary Loan. Therefore it is not possible to request library materials from another library. To renew or reserve library materials you need to be logged on.



For questions please contact:
Marcel van Bommel (librarian) or Annemarie van den Berg via
Tel: 070 315 4798