Update 20 May 2019

Fire safety measures in studios and classrooms

Last year, the fire brigade unexpectedly visited the KABK for an inspection just before the final exams. Because we did not meet the requirements of fire safety, the fire brigade threatened to close down the building immediately. Fortunately, we had a few hours to clean up. Students, teachers and staff members together managed to clean up everything and the academy could remain open.

What exactly was the untenable situation according to the fire brigade?

  • Corridors and fire exits were blocked by furniture, works of art and waste.
  • There was flammable material everywhere.
  • Coffee machines, hotplates and kettles were in the classrooms.

To prevent the fire brigade from surprising us again this year, we have drawn up an action plan. We need your help!

Which safety measures are taken?

  • 20/21 May: Facilities department takes a tour of all the studios and classrooms and puts a sticker on all devices that are not allowed (Warning! Take your device back home with you).
  • 27/28 May: All devices that are still in the studios and classrooms will be removed.

In the following weeks, the Facilities Department regularly inspects studios and classrooms to check the follow up of these fire safety measures.

Eating and Drinking

We understand students and teachers work long hours in the building and prefer to have facilities for preparing food and beverages nearby as well as buying them in the canteen. For this reason we have placed 10 microwaves in the building and are making plans to expand facilities.

Of course we are open to your ideas and comments. Please contact us if you have questions about these fire safety measures at facilities@kabk.nl

Important information about the use the building

  • Due to national law, the academy is a non-smoking area. Inspections are carried out regularly, and offenders will be charged the whole fine.
  • It is prohibited to move or remove furniture from classrooms without permission from head teachers or coordinators.
  • It is prohibited to drill holes or put nails in the walls, parts of the building or the furniture without permission from the Facilitary Services.
  • It is prohibited to ride bicycles or skate in the academy building or on its premises.
  • It is prohibited to bring animals (pets) into the academy.
  • (Intentional) Damage to the building and furniture will be charged to the offender. Graffiti is seen as intentional damage.
  • Environmentally damaging chemicals like leftover paint, solvants, fixatives and developers must be deposited in the allocated containers. It is strictly forbidden to wash them through the sink or toilets.
  • Emergency exits may never be obstructed.
  • All halls, stairways, and other walkways should remain unobstructed.
  • The automatic closing doors should remain always unobstructed.
  • Fire extinguishers and alarms should remain visible and accessible at all times.

Parking space at the academy is limited. Therefore we have strict rules. Those who break them will be charged a fine. Certain staff members with special needs can apply for a parking permit at the school director’s office. Incidental parking is only allowed after the head of the Facilitary Service has given permission.

In front of the building students can find an bicycle rack. Using the locked bicycle garage in the basement involves a down payment, which can be paid at the Facilitary Service. It is not allowed to park bicycles in or around the academy.


  • For small fire incidents (e.g garbage bins):
    Call the reception at 070-3154700 or dial internal line 9.
    Report who you are and where you are. The reception will immediately notify the Emergency response team (BHV team).
    If you know how to use the manual fire extinguisher, try to put out the fire (only in case of small/beginning fire incidents).
  • For bigger fire incidents:
    Press the Fire alarm. This will trigger a direct signal to the fire brigade and will activate the sound alarm (slow-whoop).
  • If you hear the sound alarm, leave the building immediately. Use the stairs. Do not use the elevators under alarm conditions! Close doors and windows behind you (but do not lock them).
  • Follow the instructions of the BHV-ers, recognisable via their special yellow shirts.
  • Department heads, coordinators and tutors advise students to calmly leave the building.
  • BHV-ers are responsible for evacuating the location of the fire incident.


  • Call the reception at 070-3154700 or dial the internal line 9 or send someone to notify the reception.
  • Report who you are, where you are, the number of the victims and where they are located.
  • If possible provide information about the state of the victims and what has happened.
  • The reception will notify immediately a FIRST AID staff member and if necessary 112.
  • If you think that 112 should be notified immediately, take action yourself asap. Make sure to inform the reception, so that they can follow up with a notification as well.


  • Follow the instructions of the BHV-ers.
  • Leave the building at the nearest exit and go to the assembly point (in front of the building).
  • Stay at the assembly point and wait for further instructions.

There is a public elevator in the Bleijenburg building which everyone can use. In the Prinsessegracht building there's a freight elevator that only works with a key from the reception.

There are various first aid boxes throughout the building.