5 reasons to visit the Open Day at the KABK

There are always plenty of reasons to visit the Open Day at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Here we provide you with our top-5!

Visitor at the KBAK Open Day 2019
photo Sofia de Benedictes

1. Get a first impression of your future school - visit the studios and technical workshops

It’s always good to know your environment. If you apply and get admitted, you are going to spend quite some time here after all! See where you are going to be working and the tools and facilities that are at hand. You might even be able to try out some already!

photo: Peter Pflügler

2. Get feedback on your portfolio

As you may already know, an important part of the application process to an art and design programme is the preparation of a portfolio. Take your chance and show your work before submitting your application! You will receive invaluable feedback and advice that can help you improve your portfolio or get you going to a next phase of creating work to include in your application for admission.
If you have not started yet, find here some general tips on preparing your portfolio.

Photography portfolio reviews during Open Day 2019
Portfolio advice - photo: Vanessa Kapler

3. Meet the KABK community

Get to know your future tutors, meet and greet with your peers, future co-students and friends!

Highly skilled professional staff with international professional practices will guide and accompany you through your studies at the KABK. Many of our teachers are present during the Open Day and you can find more teachers' profiles on our website.

Students and alumni are also present and will be happy to answer your questions and give you "the insider's" tips and tops of the academy. In some departments you might meet some of our award winning alumni too!

students at the KABK courtyard
photo: Frederik Klanberg

4. Ask questions - Ask questions - Ask questions

The Open Day is a unique opportunity to ask everything you want to know about the study programmes offered and address all your burning questions about the application procedure! Find out about anything from professional practice skills & projects we do with external partners to research opportunities and how you can customise your studies!

visitor Open Day
photo: Peter Pflügler

5. Experience first-hand a day at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Last but not least, attend a full day’s programme of exhibitions, presentations, tours, workshops, portfolio reviews and much more and get an impression of the atmosphere at the academy!

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