​Programme highlights at the master departments

Programme highlights at the master departments of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague during the Open Day on 26 January 2019.

Full programme from 10:00 till 16:00
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Open Studio’s 10.00–14.00

Students will be present at the MA Artistic Research studio’s to show and discuss their work

Round Table discussion 14.00–15.30

Round Table discussion led by head Janice McNab, tutor Thijs Witty and artist Mamoru Okuna (dept. graduate 2016)

Topic: What is Artistic Research? How do we teach it? Research Days, excursions, student shows at Quartair and 1646, and our detailed attention to your individual practice.

Location: Find your way to the Master Artistic Research by looking at the M2 locations on the floor plan (Ground floor)

ArtScience exhibition

ArtScience students present their projects

Experimental foodbar / ArtScience salon

Meet & greet with ArtScience students and teachers

RecPlay 14:00-16:00

Metal Workshop as a Performative Installation
ArtScience Improv Ensemble

Location: Find your way to the Master ArtScience by looking at the M1 locations on the floor plan (Ground floor)

Banana's, bacteria and botox

Location: M3 First floor
Exhibition of recent work by first and second year Industrial Design Master students.

Design Research presentations + Q&A by graduating students

Location: M3 First floor

Fabrics & fabrication; material samples
What bio-based alternatives can be found for synthetic textiles? The past semester our enthusiastic first year students sought to answer this question under the guidance of designer Lenneke Langenhuisen of design duo Buro Belén.

During this project our students collaborated with Waag | Textilelab, which provided expertise, research methods and a valuable network. They explored bio-based fibres and created a plethora of gorgeous material samples starting from sources such as agave, banana leaves, nettle, and kombucha, a bacterial culture.

Graduation research

  • 11:00 - 11:20 - Pressure to be perfect
    Design Research presentation by Daphne Story
  • 12:00 - 12:20 - The death of John Doe; an exploration of gender and queerness within myself and the field of design
    Design Research presentation by Jan Sengers
  • 14:00 - 14:20 - Face Design
    Design Research presentation by Marsha Wichers

Location: Find your way to the Master Industrial Design by looking at the M3 locations on the floor plan (First floor)


Screening incl. interviews with INSIDERS

INSIDE study programme overview

Information about the Master programme and the curriculum

INSIDE work in progress

Presentation of current projects

Meet & Greet with INSIDERS

Meet the Head of the Master Interior Architecture Hans Venhuizen and talk to students and tutors of the department

Food, drinks and Music

Location: Find your way to the Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) by looking at the M4 locations on the floor plan (Ground floor)


Location: M6 Gallery Ground floor
Presentation of selected projects made during the first semester together with students of the Bachelor Graphic Design.

Meet & Greet, Q+A

Location: M6 Second floor
See projects by 1st and 2nd year students, meet the tutors and students of the department and get information about the Master Non Linear Narrative.

Lecture Ruben Pater 14.10-14.40

This lecture is part of a diverse lecture program with presentations by a mix of bachelor- and masters students, tutors and alumni throughout the whole day hosted by the Graphic Design department at B3 (Second floor).

Location: Find your way to the Master Non Linear Narrative by looking at the M6 locations on the floor plan (Ground floor, Second floor)

Research showcase + Meet & Greet

The new Master program Photography & Society will be present to showcase their research and experiments in their first semester of studies. Here you can meet with Master students and gain insight into this innovative program.

Location: Find your way to the Master Photography & Society by looking at the M7 locations on the floor plan (First floor)

10:00–12:00 - Calligraphy workshop

10:00–12:00 - Stone Carving

10:00–12:00 - TypeCooker

11:00–12:00 - DrawBot workshop

13:00–14:00 - Stone Carving

13:00–15:00 - Calligraphy workshop

13:00 – 15:00 - TypeCooker

14:00–16:00 - Bézier Game

15:00–16:00 - DrawBot workshop

Location: Find your way to the Master TypeMedia by looking at the M5 locations on the floor plan (Ground floor)