​Programme highlights at the bachelor departments

Programme highlights at the bachelor departments of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague during the Open Day on 26 January 2019.

Full programme from 10:00 till 16:00
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ArtScience exhibition

ArtScience students present their projects

Experimental foodbar / ArtScience salon

Meet & greet with ArtScience students and teachers

RecPlay 14:00-16:00

Metal Workshop as a Performative Installation
ArtScience Improv Ensemble

Locations: Find your way to the Bachelor ArtScience by looking at the B1 locations on the floor plan (Ground floor)

Exhibition 'Artists & Composers'

Location: Gallery (Ground floor)
Fine Arts students collaborate with students of the Royal Conservatoire

Painting lessons

Location: B2 Second floor
Ongoing painting lessons by Frank Lisser

Printmaking lessons

Location: Printmaking workshop - 08 Ground floor
Ongoing printmaking lessons by Ewoud van Rijn

Fine Arts studios

Location: B2 First floor
The Fine Art studios are open throughout the day. Come and meet students who will be working on their projects.

Lecture about the Fine Arts Department at 11.00

Location: B2 ProjectSpace First floor
Lecture by Klaus Jung (Head of Fine Arts department)/Martijn Verhoeven (coordinator Fine Arts)

Portfolio Reviews 12.00-13.00

Location: B2 ProjectSpace First floor

Alumni stories 13.00-14.00

Location: B2 ProjectSpace First floor
Alumni share their experiences about life and studies at the KABK

Portfolio Reviews 14.15-16.00

Location: B2 ProjectSpace First floor

Locations: Find your way to the Fine Arts department by looking at the B2 locations on the floor plan (Ground floor, First floor, Second floor)

Exhibition with students' work

Location: B5 First floor
Get a tour of our student work in the domains of studio, morphology, media & materials, professional practice, and knowledge.

Meet & Greet with tutors

Location: B5 First floor Corridor
Ask all your questions to Interior Architecture & Furniture Design tutors and view sample portfolios.

Forbo Linochambres

Location: B5 First floor
Come see new applications for Linoleum designed by our third year students, designed as a contemporary period room.
In collaboration with Forbo.

Graduation shop & cafe

Location: B5 First floor
Relax with a coffee & cake and shop the merchandise for sale by our graduating class of 2019.

Jos Brink & Joke Smit Award designs

Location: B5 First floor
View the design proposals for the gender equality and LHBT emancipation awards by our fourth year students.
In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.

Pop-up Bauhaus Vorkurs

Location: B5 First floor
Check out proposals for new educational models by our fourth year students, in dialogue with those of the Bauhaus founded in 1919.
In collaboration with Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.

Department Dinner Kitchen

Location: B5 First floor
Take a peek into the kitchen of our annual Department Dinner where the creative cooking of our second year students will be on display.

Location: Find your way to the Interior Architecture & Furniture Design department by looking at the B5 locations on the floor plan (First floor)


  • Project collaborations with Tassenmuseum, Bradford Space en Slotervaart
    Location: Gallery B4 Ground floor
  • ‘Design for Life’ - garden design
    Location: B4 Ground floor
  • Work by I/M/D students (all years)
    Location: I/M/D studios B4 First floor

Meet & Greet

Location: B4 First floor

  • Questions & Tips
    Get to know the teachers and students, ask questions and get tips for your application and portfolio
  • Theory - reading table
    Read the latest I/M/D theses

Presentations at 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30

Alumni talks and presentations
Location: B4 First floor

Workshops (ongoing 13:00-16:00)

VIEW (very interactive electronics workshop)
Location: Hal Bleijenburg B4 First floor
Learn how to make flexible, interactive electronics
With Anja Hertenberger and Emma Pareschi (course teachers Interactive Textiles + Materials and Electronics)

Performances (ongoing 13:00-16:00)

Student performances
Location: B4 First floor

Location: Find your way to the Interactive/Media/Design department by looking at the B4 locations on the floor plan (Ground floor and First floor)

Ongoing presentations & workshops

by tutors, students and alumni

Guided tours

Students show you around the department

Exhibition + pop up store

Recent projects and prints

Portfolio advice

Come and show your portfolio!


A divers lecture program with presentations by a mix of bachelor- and masters students, tutors and alumni throughout the whole day:

10.00 Video programme

10.50 Marina Chaccur (Tutor Letters, BA Graphic Design)

11.20 Weronika Uyar & Daniel Jurkschat (First-year students, BA Graphic Design)

11.40 Ruben Pater (Tutor Design, BA Graphic Design + MA Non-Linear Narrative)

12.10 Emma Verhoeven & Benjamin Earl (Second-year students, MA Non-Linear Narrative)

12.30 Merel Boers (Tutor Theory, BA Graphic Design)

13.00 Video programme

13.20 Tjerk Woudsma (Tutor Coding, BA Graphic Design)

13.50 Taya Reshetnik (Alumna 2018, BA Graphic Design)

14.10 Richard Niessen (Tutor Design, BA Graphic Design)

14.40 Ada Popovic (Second-year student, BA Graphic Design)

15.00 Chantal Hendriksen (Tutor Design Office, BA Graphic Design)

15.30 Video programme

Locations: Find your way to the Graphic Design department by looking at the B3 locations on the floor plan (Second floor)

Ongoing Portfolio Reviews with a mix of faculty

Location: B6 First floor
Reviews are in the ‘Process Room,’ a space filled with work prints, contact sheets, and notes from 1st and 2nd year students.

Paper & Publication space

Location: B6 First floor
Here, you can see all the assorted kinds of publications and prints that photography students engage in over the course of four years of study. Theses, dummies, graduation publications, exhibition prints, and more.

Also located here is the photography bookstore, where student, graduates and faculty publications will be on sale.

Collective groups

Location: B6 First floor Corridor
At each end of the corridor, 3rd and 4th year students present their collective groups: Forgetful Number (3rd years) and Push it to the Limit (4th years). See what each of these two years are up to, what they’re working on and get insight into the graduation process.

In-between by these years is a special curatorial project by Baobab, three students of the Photography Department who have started a magazine for students by students.

Presentations, lectures, Meet & Greet

Location: B6 First floor Big Studio
In our big photography studio, there will be a coffee bar, lounge and an ongoing program of talks, lectures, presentations, and interviews with students, guests and faculty. Want more insight into how the photography courses are run? Some insight on using a medium format camera, or watching a selection of films created for the AV course? The Big Studio is the central meeting point of the Department’s activities.

Interactive media projects

Location: B6 First floor Black Studio
An integral component of the Photography Department is interactive media. Here you can see various projects created by an assortment of students in their IMD studies.

Have your portrait taken!

Location: B6 First floor White Studio
Here you can get your portrait taken and look inside the technical process of photography. Teachers and students are on hand to show you what it takes to make a well-lit portrait – and go home with your own!

Locations: Find your way to the Photography department by looking at the B6 locations on the floor plan (First floor)

General Information

Get a complete overview of the Bachelor Textile and Fashion design programme. All our students and teachers are available to talk to and answer your questions.

Experimental Textile LAB

Visit our Experimental Textile LAB and check out what our students are creating in the Textile workshop

Portfolio reviews

From 11.00 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 15.00 o’clock we will be present to discuss your portfolio with you.

Locations: Find your way to the Textile & Fashion by looking at the B7 and 01 Textile workshop locations on the floor plan (Ground floor)