Tuin als Kunstlab

18 September 2017

Five students of the ArtScience and I/M/D departments of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) participate in the art project Tuin als Kunstlab (Garden as Art lab) and present work inspired by communication with and through plants. 

Do plants enjoy literature? Are they moved by the language of a famous writer as for example Tolstoj? This is what artist Anastasia Loginova researches in her project. Can you see or hear what a plant is feeling? Jan Köhler's audiovisual installation collects the signals sent by plants and transforms them into visual images and sound. With the aid of sunlight, Sunna Svararsdottir lets you experience what it is like to be a plant and Veerle Pennock's project was inspired by the findings of a research that supports that classical music influences the size of a plant's leaves. Jesus Iglesias Galvan has installed a plant inside an expanded version of a Clinostat, a scientific instrument with a no gravity environment.

Stories in the garden - Anasatsia Loginova16 september t/m 31 oktober: Hortus Botanicus Leiden
Plants as living organisms - Jan Köhlers7 oktober: Botanische Tuinen Utrecht
8 oktober: Burgers zoo Arnhem
14 september t/m 31 oktober: Pop-Up kas
Sóley - Sunna Svararsdottir14 t/m 28 september: Hortus Overzee Den Helder
29 september t/m 2 oktober: Belmonte Arboretum Wageningen
2 t/m 8 oktober: De Kruidhof Buitenpost
Bugs en bots - Veerle Pennock15 september t/m 1 oktober: Hortus Alkmaar
3 t/m 10 oktober: Historische tuin Aalsmeer
Microgravity - Jesus Iglesias Galvan14 september t/m 2 oktober: Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
3 t/m 23 oktober: Nederlands Openluchtmuseum

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