New Master's programme at the Royal Academy of Art: Photography & Society

The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague has launched a new Master’s programme: Photography & Society, starting September 2018. The two-year programme, offered within the Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, is initiated and led by Lotte Sprengers and Rob Hornstra. 

Photography & Society educates socially-engaged photographers of the 21st century, who possess an active interest in the technological, political, environmental and social role of the photograph. The core of Photography & Society is image-making, at the same time the programme challenges students to foster encounters beyond photographic practice and utilize photography as a means to take part in global debate.

Photography & Society students are educated to master the full distribution chain, seamlessly moving from concept to making work and its presentation in various, often novel, forms. Collaboration, Research and Impact are the fundamental values of Photography & Society.

Situated in The Hague, Photography & Society shares close proximity to major civic and corporate players of global, national and local organizations, providing challenging opportunities for collaborations. A unique partnership with Leiden University provides a deep research base.

The course is conducted in English.

Teaching staff
Teachers include Adam Broomberg, Donald Weber, Judith van IJken, Lotte Sprengers, Oliver Chanarin and Rob Hornstra.

Applications are open! Deadline for enrolment: May 1, 2018

Photography & Society is open to all (still image-) makers with a bachelor's degree. This includes not only a degree in photography or any of its sub-disciplines, but also in the field of visual arts, digital media, visual anthropology and other non-linear communication disciplines.