Lorena van Bunningen wins Piket Art Prize 2020

We are proud to share the news about our alumna Lorena van Bunningen (Photography 2014) being announced the winner of the 2020 Piket Art Prize in the category Painting, on 16 November 2020. Lorena received a cash prize of 8,000 euros and a work of art created and designed by former Piket Art Prize nominee and KABK alumna Fine Arts Suzie van Staaveren.

Jury report

“Lorena has her very own way to manipulate everyday reality. She detaches ordinary utensils from their original contexts and turns them into the subject of her work. She has a highly developed eye for detail and a fine aesthetic sense. Because of this, she manages to genuinely re-present her fascination for the beauty of small ordinary things, that are often overlooked in our hectic times. Her personal outlook, coloured by her background, enables her to create her own world full of new narratives – a world of tranquil scenes allowing the viewer to truly observe the many things we tend to take for granted.

Lorena has a thoroughly professional attitude and is very much aware of her own work. She is not unfamiliar with ambition. The jury is impressed with the passionate and perseverant attitude she displays. According to the jury, artist and work have now reached a point where introspection and experiment are called for. Regarding both her work and her own position, Lorena demonstrates a need and a capacity for research and growth. The jury recognizes the quality of her current work and believes in the potential of this artist.”

Exceptional year

A festive alternative award event was organised in compliance with the corona measures, where the winners were surprised one-by-one with help from family members and dance professionals.

In this year's edition which was different than other years, all nominess were also awarded a prize. Among the nominees of the category painting, our alumni Ciro Duclos and Afra Eisma.
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