Works by KABK students in Nieuwspoort

16 November 2017

Upon request of the Art Commission of the International Press Center Foundation Nieuwspoort, students of the Preparatory Year of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) started working on artworks related to the theme of Mondriaan & De Stijl, to be presented in an exhibition at Nieuwspoort.

A total of 58 students worked with the theme Make an artwork related to the theme of Mondriaan & De Stijl for the whole month of September. Various assignments during class gave a diverse palette of works. Students were allowed to present one final piece for the contest. The jury consisted of Chris Rehorst (former director of KABK and owner of Gallery Rehorst), Marianne Rehorst and Jacqueline van Beek (Art commission Nieuwspoort) and all Preparatory Year teachers.
Selected works of 16 students comprising of 10 two-dimensional works and 7 short films are on display at Nieuwsport from 20 November until 4 December.

Participating students: Anaïs Sicre de Fontbrune, Bhakti Bienemann, Céline Bregman, Chloe Snoeks, Frédérique van Tilborg, Guus Hoeberechts, Holly Fraser, Janneke Stofmeel, Liz Claassen, Mowena van der Veer, Robin Raspel, Rosa Terlouw, Suzanne Hoet, Tom Tomasowa, Torben Schwarz, Willemijne Achterberg.

Teachers at the Preparatory Year: Zanne Zwart, Nieke Koek, Kim Nuijen, Gosse de Kort, Channa Boon, Lena Shafir, Amber Beernink, Marthe Prins, Maartje Lammers, Floris Kruidenber.

About the Preparatory Year

The Preparatory Year is part of the Preparatory Courses offered at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

This full-time study year introduces young art enthusiasts to the various disciplines covered at the academy and is the perfect preparation course for those interested in applying to one of the bachelor programmes offered at the KABK. The Preparatory Year focuses on learning how to conceptualise experiences and observations. Students will get familiar with an appropriate attitude and mentality towards work, which will serve them well during their later studies at an art academy.