KABK has extended its programme

17 July 2017

As of September 2017, the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) is offering three new programmes under a new Master’s degree.

The programmes Artistic Research, Industrial Design and Non-Linear Narrative will run under the new degree Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design. Next to the Master programmes Type and Media, Interior Architecture/INSIDE and the ArtScience offered in collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire, the KABK doubles its master's portfolio.

Furthermore, the KABK introduces the Double Degree programme for Fine Art students. The Double Degree will allow BA students in Fine Art to simultaneously obtain a BA in Art History, through the Arts, Media and Society programme at Leiden University.

In short:

Artistic Research

The Master Artistic Research, formerly a Master of Music, will lead to the degree of Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design. Janice McNab is head of the department. 
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Industrial Design

The Postgraduate Course Industrial Design, which has been offered since 1951 at the KABK, has been converted to a full-time master programme leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, under the leadership of department head Maaike Rozenburg. 
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Non-Linear Narrative

A completely new programme within the Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design is Non-Linear Narrative that merges investigative methods of journalism and forensics with processing technologies of computer science and visual arts into a contemporary, avant-garde discipline. Non-Linear Narrative analyses the relations of complex socio-political issues, and how they can be communicated to a broad audience.  

The programme repositions the graphic design discipline in the changing professional landscape and extends it with new responsibilities towards society. Key objective is to educate critical thinkers, who master new technologies to tell meaningful narratives addressing the world’s social, economic and environmental challenges. Students will not only study parts of philosophy and media theory, but also learn practical skills in design, computer programming, film editing, 3D modelling and virtual reality.

Co-heads of the bachelor department Graphic Design Roosje Klap and Niels Schrader have developed this programme and will lead Non-Linear Narrative.
Teaching staff: Lauren Alexander (Foundland), Ramon Amaro (Goldsmiths University), Nick Axel (e-flux / Forensic Architecture), Linda van Deursen (Mevis & Van Deursen), Harm van den Dorpel, Roosje Klap (Atelier Roosje Klap / Design Displacement Group), Ruben Pater (Untold Stories) and Niels Schrader (Mind Design). 
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Double Degree

BA students at the KABK will be able to simultaneously obtain a BA in Art History, through the Arts, Media and Society programme at Leiden University as of the academic year 2017-2018. A number of selected Fine Art students will undertake the Double Degree programme as of September and upon successful completion of the four-year trajectory they will receive both a bachelor’s degree from KABK and a bachelor’s degree from Leiden University. The goal is to educate students to develop the necessary skills in order to take the role of the arts and the artists to a new level, as indispensable contributors to the wellbeing of our societies in culture, policies and economies.

The Double Degree is one of the many initiatives emerging from the longstanding and fruitful relationship between Leiden University and the University of the Arts, The Hague (Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatoire) in order to combine artistic skills with intellectual capacities.

Further information about the programmes, the curriculum and the teaching staff will be updated shortly.