KABK alums at Dutch Design Week 2023

9 October 2023

KABK alums are present again at the Dutch Design Week (DDW) taking place from 21 to 29 October. In the run-up to DDW, we asked some of the designers to tell us a bit about their work.

Class of 23

Six recent graduates of the Master Interior Architecture and Master Industrial Design - Charlotte Savine, Juli Gräf, Anneliese Greve, Yotam Sion, Taiyi Yu and Loena Visser - present their individual works in a collective ‘Class of 23’ exhibition in the Klokgebouw during Dutch Design Week.

Location: Klokgebouw | Hall 2 Klokgebouw 50 5617 AB Eindhoven

Anneliese Greve

Tales of Bones and Time by Anneliese Greve is a spatial proposal for a narrated beachcombing experience at the Zandmotor. Inspired by the procedure of archaeologists, treasure hunters, and the historic phenomena of the ‘Wunderkammer’ the research project provides ‘splinters of insights’ that spark wonder, and inform about the hidden qualities of the site.

Julianna Gräf

Belonging with belongings‘ by Julianna Gräf is a (re)search for connections to the things that surround us on a daily basis. Focussing on the invisible part - The memories hidden within the objects were discovered in a collective process called ‚everyday archaeology‘, becoming material, becoming space.

Charlotte Skye Savine

Crafting Space by Charlotte Skye Savine explores how craft heritage can become space by approaching the spatial practise as a craft through the intuitive process of making. It reintroduces the characteristic of craft as carrier of culture and knowledge and the close connection between maker and material into architecture. 

Taiyi Yu

W.I.P.: Windmill In Play by Taiyi Yu is a windmill constructed in response to the predominant mechanistic worldview, encouraging a revisiting of our relationships with the natural world.

Yotam Sion

Bits to Pieces by Yotam Sion is a speculative system that measures and converts natural decay processes and implies them on digital files, making them smaller in size and ultimately impermanent, thus creating a process of digital decay.

Loena Visser

Draining Desire by Loena Visser is an installation that explores the conflicting interplay between beauty standards and their invisible toxicity. It aims to hold up a mirror – quite literally – to confront consumers, cosmetic companies, and designers with these socially constructed and industrially enforced frictions.


The work 'EGODEATH' of alum Jaime Arturo Verheij (Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, 2023) is nominated for the Manifestations Young Talent Award. EGODEATH is a collaboration between AI (artificial intelligence) and human emotional intelligence.

EGODEATH, work by Jaime Arturo Verheij
EGODEATH, work by Jaime Arturo Verheij

Tevin Blancheville (Fashion & Textile, 2023) is also nominated for the award with the work 'Kanonnenvoer 22 / Fodder 22'. It is a Fashion Remix about opportunistic capitalist imperialism, refugees, preferential citizens, propaganda, misinformation and society.

Kanonnenvoer 22 / Fodder 22 work by Tevin Blancheville
Kanonnenvoer 22 / Fodder 22 work by Tevin Blancheville

Silke Riis (Fine Arts, 2023) is nominated for the Young Talent Award as well, with the work 'Shadow Dwellers'. With this work she offers some a utopian, to others a dystopian glimpse into the future. She tries to translate her anxieties and hopes, combining a sense of magical beauty with horror in the aesthetics of each sculpture.

Shadow Dwellers, work by Silke Riis.
Shadow Dwellers, work by Silke Riis.

'The Future of Lungs', the work of Flóra Lazin is also nominated for the award. A work that presents man as a solution to the damage he himself causes to nature. By making people and plants hybrid with a speculative design. Humans and robots have been hybridized before, but Flora has imagined a more exciting future.

Update: Flóra Lazin has won the third prize of the Young Talent Award. The jury is impressed by her high level of aesthetics, both in the physical and digital presentation. It is a surprising work rather than a solving one. Graduated: KABK The Hague, Interactive Media Design.

The Future of Lungs by Flóra Lazin.
The Future of Lungs by Flóra Lazin.

From October 21 to October 29, Manifestations will be the center of art, design, innovation, and technology. The exhibition promises to be once again the most controversial part of Dutch Design Week. Manifestations operates at the intersection of art & technology and ask to what extent technology determines your thinking and acting in the world.

This year's theme is VISION – Think Bigger: because, in these times, we require more than ever to think beyond individual interests.

Location: Strijp-S in the Veemgebouw, 8th floor, Torenallee 100 Eindhoven (free exhibition)


Non Lineair Narrative alums Taya Reshetnik, Benjamin Earl and Hattie Wade will be showing their work in the context of the Talent development programme from the Stimuleringsfonds. Every year, thanks to a grant from Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, emerging design talents get the chance to develop to their full artistic and professional potential.


Primarily Rotterdam-based artists are invited to Eindhoven for the collective exhibition 'ANY PORT IN A STORM'. In close proximity to the renowned area of STRIJP-S, it rebels against big capital and its 'neat' locations. Setting up temporary docks in small store spaces, neighboring the local barbershops and Turkish restaurants, it merges the peculiar realm of art and design with the rawness of reality. Three Interior Architect and Furniture Design alums and one student are participating in the exhibition:

Mik Bakker
Pyeori Jung
Erik van Schaften
Sunhyo Mast

Location: Edisonstraat 150, 121, 119, 111 Eindhoven (free exhibition)

Other projects of KABK alumni


'Amended 2.0' is the work of Manon Stoeltie, KABK Kunstplan teacher and alum Interior Architecture and Furniture Design (2018). The project is a continuation of the previous series "Amended": Unique furniture pieces made of used polystyrene packaging and incorporating discarded aluminium fragments. They are a product of my thoughts on intention, creating, value and function.

Location: Station area, Stationshal - Zuidhal, Eindhoven Centraal Station, Stationsplein 22, Map No. G2

About DDW

Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is the largest design event in Northern Europe and presents work and concepts from more than 2,600 designers to more than 355,000 visitors from home and abroad. All disciplines in the field of design are covered, both in art and applied form. The emphasis is on experimentation, innovation and crossovers. Special attention is paid to the work and development of young talent.