Innovative solutions for Smart City Living Lab Scheveningen by Interactive/Media/Design students

9 February 2021

Twenty-four students from the Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, have been working in groups to visualise innovative solutions for the Smart City Living Lab in Scheveningen.

The Municipality of The Hague and the Province of South Holland commissioned them to elaborate on complex subjects such as digital technology, data flows and privacy in an artistic and visual manner. Two groups were selected with the best ideas for the next step. Together with the students in question, the Municipality of The Hague and the Province of South Holland will see if they can put these two ideas into practice.

Smart City Living Lab Scheveningen

Together with the Municipality of The Hague, the Province of South Holland is involved in the Smart City Living Lab Scheveningen. In this lab, smart solutions for metropolitan issues are devised based on the latest technologies. The municipality and province think it is important to actively involve residents in the developments in the lab. The assignment for the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague is an example of this.

‘Data flâneur' and 'Swarm'

The two ideas of the students that came out best are 'Data flâneur' and 'Swarm'.

'Data flâneur' brings data to life by transforming 'walking' into something playful and reflective, stimulating awareness of the digital and physical presence in the smart city. Lasers are used to indicate when someone is passing.

'Data flâneur' concept by third year I/M/D students: Marco Dell'Abate , Xiaoyao Ma, Jeroen Meijer

The Swarm team designed a physical installation with a VR component where a herring represents the data left behind that swims through the installation. In this way, they try to visualise data in a playful way.

'Swarm' concept by second year I/M/D students: Merel van Altena, Thijs van Kuijk, Iseult Pigot, Bregtje van Jole.

For both ideas, the province and the municipality will examine the feasibility of (temporarily) implementing the designs in the Living Lab Scheveningen.

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