Danny Choi wins Van Ommeren - De Voogt Prize 2022

15 September 2022

Danny Choi, who completed the BA in Fine Arts at the KABK in 2020, is the winner of the Van Ommeren - De Voogt Prize 2022 (website in Dutch) of Pulchri Studio. In addition to Danny Choi, Obbe van der Weide (BA Fine Arts, 2022) was also nominated.

During the annual members' exhibition, de Najaarssalon, three artists are nominated for the Van Ommeren - De Voogt Prize. The three nominees (Danny Choi, Obbe van der Weide and Marina van der Kooi) may jointly present their work in this exhibition. Danny Choi also wins an amount of € 5,000.

The exhibition can be seen from 9 September to 1 October in the Hardenberg Hall of the Pulchri Studio.

About the work of Danny Choi (Ho Young Choi)

"Danny Choi is a video and installation artist from South Korea. His video installations, pulsating to the rhythm of penetrating beats, show a fascinating sequence of images and texts in which contemporary and deeply personal life questions swirl. It is the perfect interplay of sound and images that continues to fascinate from start to finish and shows great artistic craftsmanship,"

the jury report says.

Still from the work of Danny Choi.
Still from the work of Danny Choi.

About the work of Obbe van der Weide

Obbe van der Weide about his work: "We reside in a time of idolisation; becoming spectators and damaging our physical connection with the body. What happens when our body/mind connection gets disrupted? We appear constantly distracted by our persona and digital existence. My art is aware of commercial presentation and comes from a fear of alienation and body dysphoria, triggered by Commercial and idealistic formatting.

For my practice, it’s important to see the utility of the embodiment of fears and emotions and shared body awareness. It made me interested in the role of a monster; using the body strategically to communicate negative by-products of The time we are living in. Externalising the things that exist on the edge of my consciousness. To create a body expressive language.

For me this has a cathartic effect and serves as a reflection on sublimation in society."

A Shattered Body - Obbe van der Weide.
A Shattered Body - Obbe van der Weide.