Coronavirus and KABK’s response

Detailed information for students and staff is available via the KABK portal

Update 6 August 2020

September 1st marks the start of the introduction programme for new students at the KABK. Anticipating the government restrictions regarding COVID-19, large group activities are not included in this programme. All organised physical events are of an informative nature​. Detailed information is shared with the students via the KABK portal.

Information from the Dutch government and the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) is published here.

Update 28 April 2020

Extended use of facilities for KABK Graduates

As of today, graduates at the KABK can make use of the facilities and workshops in the building. For the time being, it is not permitted in the Netherlands to provide or follow education at higher education institutions, but the use of facilities is subject to restrictions. The use of facilities for self-study however, is allowed under restrictions. For this reason, students who wish to do so may have access to studio space and work in the textile, wood and metal workshops, among other places. They can also borrow books from the library and the rental and shop are (limited) open.

The necessary precautions have been taken so that students and staff can do their work safely. Students must register if they want to enter the building, the canteen is closed and group formation is not allowed. The academy building is provided with shielding material and tape to mark workplaces and walking routes.

The examination of the work takes place online, which means that all students who graduate in academic year 2019-2020 will present their work online to the assessment committee before the summer.

The final exam exhibition will take place after the summer holidays in the academy building, and will be accompanied by a graduation catalogue and PR campaign. Work by students who are not (or cannot be) present at that time will also be exhibited in an appropriate manner.

Frequently asked questions

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FAQ - General

The KABK has entered a period in which we are challenged to keep our students and staff safe and keep the education and the application process in good shape, albeit in alternative forms. The KABK crisis team convene every day to monitor and discuss newest developments and make new decisions if appropriate. This information will be made available on this page and directly to students, staff and prospective students.

The universities of applied sciences are in daily contact with the Dutch Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen) and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Discussions focus on the progress of education, credits, final exams and financial and practical measures to help students. The directors of Dutch art academies are also in daily contact with each other to address the specific needs within art education.

Detailed information for students and staff is also available via the KABK portal

We follow the advice of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The RIVM monitors the situation in the Netherlands and provides advice at these webpages. 

The following webpages offer information in English:

There are no educational activities taking place at the building until at least Monday,1 June 2020. During limited hours, there is a reception clerk/doorkeeper present for accepting parcels while the library is also open so that students/staff can pick up pre-ordered books. As of 28 April, graduating students can make use of the studios and workshop facilities in the building following specific regulations.

Students who are going abroad on internship or Exchange and are not there yet, are not allowed to travel to their internship or Exchange location.

The International Office has been contacting all students who are currently on exchange or doing an internship abroad, or who are currently studying with us.

For questions, mail to:

FAQ - Prospective students/applicants

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, most language test centers have closed their doors and scheduled tests have been canceled. Therefore, ETS is offering a TOEFL IBT Special Home Edition test, which is available worldwide, with the exception of mainland China and Iran.

The test is available until at least 30 June 2020.

Certificates from the Institutional TOEFL test, the TOEFL-ITP test, or other language proficiency tests will not be accepted.

More information on the English language requirements

At the time being, you can only contact us per e-mail. Find here our contact info.

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