Over the next month, Design Exhibition Scotland is bringing together designers, experimenters and academics from the Netherlands and Scotland to exchange thoughts and share ideas in Design for our Times.

These live online conversations explore both design in the time of a pandemic and the inspiring optimism of designers discovering new ways of working with everyday resources to create new materials for our contemporary age.

Design in Postnormal Times

In the first conversation of Design For Our times, KABK Design Lector Alice Twemlow discusses design in our new non-normal landscape with Chris Breward, Director of the National Museums Scotland.

Twemlow offers timely navigation and discusses unexpected outcomes and new possibilities, sharing her thoughts on deep time and the immediate future. Design in Postnormal Times was live-streamed from the City Observatory on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill–today home to the visual art organisation, Collective–with Alice joining from Amsterdam.

The conversation can be seen online.