Next to our own specialised instructors and workshops you can now have access to an even wider variety of industry standard tools, which expand the possibilities offered by the academy's own workshop facilities. As a student of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague you get 50% discount when using technical support in any of the companies within our external workshop facilities network.

Our workshop instructors are eager to help you with your projects but sometimes you might need a different technique or bigger machinery to realise your artistic ideas and design concepts. For these occasions and when it is too busy at the academy's own facilities, you can make use of this network.

Our external workshop facilities network

The companies mentioned below (more will be added soon) are willing to help you; and the academy offers you 50% discount when using their services.

This arrangement applies throughout the year with the exception of the summer period from 12 July to 26 August; we also assume a fair use policy.

Please note that the discount applies to machine use and not to material or transportation costs.

As always, it’s wise to have a liability insurance when working with expensive machines.

Address:Saturnusstraat 9, Den Haag (De Besturing)
Accessibility & map
Techniques:Large format laser cutting (1300x2500mm),
3D Printing (fdm, ultimaker),
3axis CNC router (1500x3050),
and more
Tips:Make sure you know what type of material you are using (toxicity in combination with lasercutter).
Make an appointment in advance.
Payment:At Laserbro you pay 50% of the normal price for machine use. No declaration is needed.
Address:Van Alphenstraat 63D, Den Haag (close to Station Laan van NOI)
Accessibility & map
Techniques:Lasercutter (1000x600mm)
3D Printing (fdm)
CNC router, (3 & 5 axis)(3000x2200mm)
Tips:Make appointment and check their website.
Payment:You pay 100% at FabLab and make a declaration at the KABK financial desk. The declaration can be made once a month for a minimum of €15,-.

Address:Prinsengracht 16, Den Haag (close to the KABK)
Accessibility & map
Techniques:All kinds of printing techniques: RISO(A4), Etching, Screen printing, large format printing
Tips:Book your 1st day on Wednesday or Friday for a short introduction. Make an appointment in advance.
Payment:You pay 100% at Grafische Werkplaats and make a declaration at the KABK financial desk. The declaration can be made once a month for a minimum of €15,-.
Address:Almystraat 10, Oisterwijk (1.5h by train)
Accessibility & map
Techniques:All ceramic techniques in one place
Very big kilns and advanced techniques
Tips:Make an appointment with the ceramic instructor at the KABK for special instructions.
You can use this arrangement if your work does not fit (size wise) in our kilns.
Payment:The academy pays 50% kiln costs.
Address:Lulofstraat 55 2521AL, Den Haag
Accessibility & map
Techniques:CNC milling/ drilling indifferent materials (1250x4000x40mm)
Tips:Please send an email to explaining your plan: what you would like to mill (material, size) together with your vector drawing (.dxf). Make sure to provide your phone number as they will contact you in order to discuss your project.
Payment/costs:Costs will depend on the size and complexity of your project; minimum cost will be €100,-.