The academy building at the Prinsessegracht is a historical monument and occupies 18,000m2.

It houses all of the academy’s departments. There are many different types of spaces at students’ disposal, including an auditorium that seats 150 people, 4 galleries, a small cinema, workshops and studios.

The KABK building renovation was planned between December 2018 and May 2020.

The renovation was aimed at cleaning and repairing the concrete and granite parts of the building, repairing of the masonry and the jointing, replacing of the windows and wrought-iron frames, and restoring the tile-work inside the academy.

After completion the building will be more sustainable, leaving it in pristine condition for the coming years!


The academy building on the Prinsessegracht 4 was constructed in 1938. Architects J.H. Plantenga (engineer), J.W.E. Buijs and J.B. Lürsen designed this building as a monument of modernism that corresponded with the new educational process under the influence of, amongst others, the Bauhaus movement.

Phasing of the activities

Floor plans renovation

Renovation partners:

The renovation activities are supported by the province of Zuid-Holland

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