Zeeuws Museum X Das Leben am Haverkamp

This exhibition, on show from February 2018 until May 2019, focuses on the transmission of stories and knowledge about people and things in the past. Objects that a new generation of young people do not recognise. Objects that speak to the imagination and knowledge that has been passed on orally, so that it may have been distorted or open to interpretation. In this way, the image of a thing, place or person may eventually have undergone a change.

About the exhibition

In the early summer of 2017, the Zeeuws Museum, as instructed by Das Leben am Haverkamp, invites 40 visitors to give a description of 40 randomly selected collection pieces from the museum’s depot. Objects in the depot are anonymously, without judgement, without a story. It is that anonymity that appeals to the imagination. The subjective descriptions of regional costume, jewellery and household goods induce the collective to develop a new collection without ever having seen these objects.

With this side specific solo show, Das Leben am Haverkamp creates a bridge between past and future, between knowing and fantasizing, between the image of the self and the other.

About Das Leben am Haverkamp 

Anouk van Klaveren(1991), Christa van der Meer (1988), Dewi Bekker (1990) and Gino Anthonisse (1988) together form the collective Das Leben am Haverkamp. After finishing their education at the Royal Academy of Art in The Haque, they all started their individual design practice. They operate on the cutting edge of different art disciplines and together they create the necessary context for their unpolished way of working and unconventional approach to fashion. This results in thought-provoking projects such as Gefelicifashion, Quirky Cruise and Bravado – A pretentious, swaggering display of courage. For the latter, the collective is awarded the Dutch Design Award for the Fashion category in October 2017.

Opening on 17 February 2018

The exhibition is open on Friday 17 February between 11.00 - 15.30

Official opening: 16.00 - 18.00 with

  • Performance
  • Aukje Dekker (artist & co-director of SEXYLAND)
  • Gijsje Heemskerk (artist)
  • Drinks

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Sat 17 February 2018 12.00 - 19:00


Abdij (Plein), 4331 BK, Middelburg

More info

The exhibition will be on view until 5 May 2019

Entrance fee

Opening: free entrance