Exhibition The(n) Hague and now

Interior Architecture and Furniture Design students create contemporary works for the exhibition 'The(n) Hague and now' at the Mesdag Collection in the context of a collaborative project between the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and 'The Art of Making Art Exhibitions' course organised by the Van Gogh Museum.

Exhibition ‘The(n) Hague and now, I spy with my little eye’

The exhibition showcases a unique blend of Hague School works and contemporary art from young artists, with the city of The Hague as a central theme. Students of the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design department drew inspiration from their Hague predecessors and the ever-evolving city itself.

Participating KABK students: Ann Press, Naomi Rossignol, Deepali Pahwa, Joyce Edel, Cristina Palicari, Rick Mouwen, Stan Weessies, Tijs Struijk

For the exhibition The(n) Hague and now, students harness progressive mediums to expose the modernised city from a fresh perspective. In doing so, they enter into a compelling dialogue with the old masters of the Hague School: at times brazen, at times playful, yet always surprising. With its artistic clash between past and present, The(n) Hague and now allows us to experience the city’s transformation from a sleepy 19th century town into a modern metropolis.

Among other works you will enjoy the city bird sounds registered by Naomi Rossignol, the 'bird flying' photography by Ann Press, the Ultra Short Stories by Stan Weessie and a model for a new Royal Palace by Rick Mouwen, winner of the Bachelor Department Award 2017.

The(n) Hague and now was developed by 'The Art of Making Art Exhibitions' course participants. The course is organised by the Van Gogh Museum with an exhibition at the Mesdag Collection as an end result.



Fri 25 August 2017 14.00 - Sun 8 October 2017 19.00


De Mesdag Collectie, Den Haag

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