Our Graphic Design department is closing the first semester with the exhibition THE ROYAL CULT CLUB. As part of the elective course PlayLab, second- and third-year students took in inspiration during a recent study trip in Iceland .

The exhibition can be visited from 13 to 20 December at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK).

Over the course of this semester, the students and tutors of the Graphic Design department have engaged in the establishment of THE ROYAL CULT CLUB: A cult that breaks with its negative connotation and seeks to cultivate a spiritual awareness for environmental ‘ineffables’.

A cult that transcends the limitations of individual bodies and minds and explores magic and mysticism as a form of resistance to the paralyzing regime of the calculable, the rational, the measurable.

Pivotal in this process was the research-trip to Iceland, where they entered a dialogue with breath-taking nature, where they left their individuality in warm volcanic waters and, where ultimately, they became one single body in a sweat lodge ritual, chanting seven generations into the past and into the future.

"It felt refreshing to walk on a landscape not shaped by man, a landscape that could still shape us."

On a meta-level, and in relation to the designers practice, THE ROYAL CULT CLUB project channels these experiences by means of artistic research and explores the role of visual investigation as well as formal translation, in order to put to practice the visual and substantive limits of the design-field as a whole.

You are welcome to THE ROYAL CULT CLUB. This is a place to open up. A place where creative processes, new beliefs, spirited rituals, magical moments and indeed, life itself are shared.

Opening exhibition The Royal Cult Club

Opening 13th of December 2019, 16:30h
Location: Royal Gallery of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
Opening speech by Goddur (Icelandic shaman and famous graphic designer) Dress code: WHITE

The Royal Cult Club is part of the Graphic Design Dept. at KABK and was guided by Roosje Klap, Marthe Prins, and Job Wouters.

Royal Cult Club was kindly sponsored by

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Participating students:

Ada Popowicz
Anke Sondi Rumohr
Cami Chebez
Charlotte van Alfen
Chloé Thiebaut Brayer
Daniel Jurkschat
Dawun Chung
Dominik Vrabič Dežman
Emir Karyo
Eunji Lee
Eunseo Hyun
Eva Horvath
Hyeonjeong Joo
Binnie Hyobin Kwon
Handi Hyunji Kim
Iana Abtasheva
Ieva Gailiušaitė
Jan Wojda
Jonas Paberzis
Jules Jansen
Kexin Hao
Kilia Robustella
Kirill Noskov
Lisa Dieterle
Malik Saïb-Mezghiche
Matteo Pellegrini
Mika Schalks
Ocean Albin
Ola Rubik
Olga Elliot
Radek Górniak
Soyun Park
Szymon Henrik
Yeeun Kim



Fri 13 December 2019 16.30 - Fri 20 December 2019 19.00


Royal Gallery of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

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Opening: December 13, 16:30h

Opening speech by Goddur (Icelandic shaman and famous graphic designer)Dress code: WHITE

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Free entrance