The Nudist on the Late Shift

The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) presents the exhibition The Nudist on the Late Shift, on view from 16 February until 2 March. Artist, teacher and former student Marcel van Eeden and gallery owner Barbara Seiler have invited 15 young artists to present recent work in the Galleries of the KABK.

The group exhibition is organised on the occasion of the retirement of former teacher and head of the part-time programmes at the KABK Ernst Bergmans.

The artists invited by Marcel van Eeden and Barbara Seiler are all graduates from the Fine Arts department. During their studies at the KABK, they had all participated in the 'Masterclass', organised annually by Van Eeden and Bergmans for the last 10 years. The exhibition comprises paintings, installations, illustrations and drawings.

Read the full article by Robbert Roos, Director of the Kunsthal KAdE Amersfoort and freelance critic and curator.

The opening of the exhibition takes place on Friday 16 February at 16.00.

Participating artists:

Rik Smits
Bob Eikelboom
Theun Govers
Mirthe Klück
Puck Schot
Gitte Svendsen
Lucas van Eeden
Saulė Vaivilavičiūtė
Luis Maly
Arthur Cordier
Hanae Wilke
Afra Eisma
Josephine van Schendel
Marijn Ottenhof
Natalia Jordanova



Fri 16 February 2018 17.00 - Fri 2 March 2018 18.00


Royal Academy of Art (Galleries) Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 AN The Hague

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Opening Friday 16 February: 16.00 - 19.00 hrs
Exhibition open: Monday to Saturday: 12.00 - 17.00 hrs
Sunday closed

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